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Servicing the Greater Wellington Region

Key information about how your splashback is installed and choosing the right colours

Colorit Glass Splashbacks supplies and installs kitchen splashbacks and bathroom splashbacks in homes across Wellington, Hutt Valley, Wairarapa, Kapiti and Horowhenua. We offer a range of finishes and colours to match your decor.

View our frequently asked questions below and get in touch if you have any other questions or if you'd like to arrange a quote.
Splashbacks are attached to the wall with a translucent neutral cure adhesive silicone that is tested to be compliant with the paint coating. The edges are then sealed, where applicable to give a final clean finish. An anti-mould silicone is used in wet areas for added protection.
Colorit Glass Splashbacks offers a comprehensive range of colours from the Resene and Dulux ranges. But, we can colour match to just about any colour even if the colour is unknown, using our specialist glass
paint systems spectrometer. Our splashbacks are opaque when held up to a solid surface, so it doesn’t matter if there is a hole in the wall or if the wall colour is different behind the splashback because you won’t see it. We don’t recommend uncoloured splashbacks because the glass cannot be secured to the wall via silicone adhesive, so screws would have to be used. Additionally, it cannot be sealed around the edges as the silicone will be seen behind the glass, so moisture and bugs will be able to get behind the glass and the look is ruined.
For wall lining applications such as splashbacks, we use either 5mm annealed or toughened glass. The colour you choose will determine if we use Standard/Float Glass or a Clearer Low Iron glass. Standard glass has a green tint to it, so is suited to selected or dark colours. Clearer Low Iron glass is recommended to get the closest colour match.
Due to the complexity of pricing, the best solution is to simply get in touch with us. We will come out and see you to do a free measure and quote. Or you can send us a sketch showing the dimensions and any special requirements, such as how many power points there are, and we will email an estimate to you.
No, under the gas standard AS/NZS 5601, 5mm toughened glass adhered to paper-faced gypsum wallboard does comply with the standard. In most instances, there is no longer any requirement for fire-rated board behind the glass. There may be cases where it is required due to the nature of your dwelling. E.g. apartment complex.
We can make a cutout in the glass slightly smaller than the size of the plastic cover. This allows the electrical components to screw up against the glass, covering the edges of the glass cutout and giving a nice clean finish. Power points/switches need to be positioned at least 20mm from the edge of the glass to allow for toughening.
No problem. We can template the shape of the rangehood and cut the glass to match.
It is recommended to seal the plaster board with a sealer undercoat for best adhesion results.
Yes. We offer a 10-year guarantee against the coatings delaminating from the glass.
Yes, we can supply the glass to your measurements for you to install. However once the glass is cut, toughened and coated it cannot be altered in any way. We are happy to come to you to take accurate measurements.
Our process is limited by the size of glass stock sheets and the furnace dimensions where toughened glass is required, but we can generally go to a maximum size of 3600mm long by 2400mm high. Digital images have a maximum size of 3100mm long by 1500mm high. Depending on the shape we may need joins.

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